Cleopatra's Nature is a Natural Product company that started with me going to Jamica a few years ago, while there I got a headache, so Muzikshan took me to the yard  and showed me Guinea Hen weed, Leaf of Life, and Pennyroyal. All three are excellent for pain. I chose Guinea Hen weed. He boiled some water then added the herbs, they extracted for about 10 minutes because I was in a hurry to relieve the headache. By the time the calabash of tea was done my headache was gone. That blew my mind. I told Muzikshan to tell me everything he knew about all the herbs in his yard. At that moment my love for herbal teas and the beauty of nature started for me.  I went back  to Jamaica and studied herbs and the benefits of them to find ways to solve all my skin and health  problems directly from the source "nature".

The Power of Nature

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I started drinking herbal teas daily to help with my high blood pressure. I changed my eating habits which is a task and something I still struggle with. I learned to maintain my weight and overall well-being with all kinds of amazing benefits from nature. The wilderness literally has everything we need to be strong healthy versions of ourselves. The best versions. Drinking the herbal teas was working so good for me internally that wanted to see what natural ingredients would do for my skin. So I started making soap just to play around with and see if I could help with my own skin. The soap came out so good and I began to see results. I gave samples to coworkers, family, and friends for months.


This lead to requests of the soaps, which lead me to start a larger quantity and start a small business. Everything Cleopatra's Nature uses in the products are strictly organic and pure. The oils are cold pressed. My love for herbal teas is always a part of me so while making soaps I was already hosting a Youtube channel talking about the benefits of herbs and what they were doing for me. This lead me to want everyone to drink these wonderful teas I am drinking. So I started selling handpicked, hung, and airdried herbal teabags and loose leaf herbs from St, Mary, JA. Nature gave us everything we need. So I started a whole line of Natural Products Jamaican Calabash, Herbal Teas, Chew Stick, Bitterwood, organic jamaican chocolate, soaps, oils, shampoo, sanitizing cream, body wash and much more to come. "Pure Earth Pure Power" is my moto.


I am not a doctor or a medical professional. I am merely a self taught herbalist living off the herbs and products that I promote. Always continue to research and ask questions. Knowledge is power and Nature is waiting for you to use it.