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Bob Marley’s broken guitar auctioned for 22 Million

The custom made Ovation Balladeer acoustic guitar and loaded pick-up once owned by the late-great reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley sold for a colossal US$153,600, that’s 22 million Jamaican Dollars at the Icons & Idols Trilogy “a private auction event held annually” the event took place last Wednesday.

It was presumed that the broken guitar would sell for between US$80,000 (that’s about J$11.8 million) or US$100,000 (that’s about J$14.8 million). Jonathon Olsen, son of Benji Levy said his father gave the guitar to him before he passed away.

The auctioneers state that Marley gifted the guitar to Levy round about 1979. A letter of authorisation was attached to the item on the official auction site hinted on how Levy Bob struck up a friendship after meeting at a car dealership in Jamaica at a time where Levy worked on the Island.

It’s been said that Levy was attempting to coerce Bob to get a BMW. When Marley asked why that particular car, with his great sales skills, Levy explained that BMW stands for “Bob Marley and the Wailers”

It’s alleged that when the guitar got a minor damage Marley then gave it to Levy, who got it fixed.

A business card for a New York Record store which was signed by Bob Marley was sold for US$2,560 (that’s about J$381,000).

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